Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer's End

This post is kind of funny because, I haven't posted here since the end of May and missed the whole summer!!
So, Summer's End, just seems ODD to me....

A couple of weekends ago, Emily decided we needed to have a fire and roast some marshmellows, the one and only time this summer we did this!

So with our rip roaring fire

We gathered our goods

And enjoyed the pure delight of a smore!! Or two....

There just isn't anything better for dessert!

While sitting around our backyard firepit, I noticed something soooo strange! This tall, loney, perfect sunflower growing among the usual woodsy stuff! Now where on earth did this seed come from? Some little bird must have dropped it here to grow and delight us!

It was so perfect, there was no way I could NOT take a picture of it!!

It was truly at it most perfect state...

Have you visited my Etsy shops lately? AmyLiz has lots of new items listed, some really fun Halloween stuff! I love the goodie bags!

A Market Colletion

I just got in some new wool felt colors, they are really fun!! Be watching as I get them listed in the next few days.

Some more Destash on supplies as well!

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