Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Glitz and Glitter

Last night the kids went to Christmas Ball! All zinged up, looking dynomite and ready for fun! Mother was a ball of nerves, I was mostly concerned about Taylor and driving. They have it a resort that is about 12 miles out of town!
It was such a crazy day, Emily got her hair done at 10:30, we ran some other errands, had to meet Taylor and his date & mother to get his tie to match her dress, and ingrediants for the cake Taylor requested to be made for his party, Better than Sex Cake!!! (should I be scared??)

Emily then got together at a friend's house and they all got ready together! The mom prepared a beautiful dinner for 19 kids, and invited all the parents over to get pictures etc! Taylor went to another girl's house, and that mom had prepared a wonderful array of appetizers for everyone (too bad we didn't get to stay long, we had to head to Emily's party to get pictures too).

After staying up until 2:00 AM knowing both were safe and sound, poor mother is BEAT! Oh well, sleep is over-rated, right?

Here are pictures of the kids and their dates.
<------Emily & Reggie
Taylor and Darreia-->
Poor Emily, she is sooooo sick with an awful cold and sore throat, I bet she is home tomorrow from school! She looks sick in this picture! And Taylor, the boy cracks me up when he tries to smile, I can only image his grad pictures!
Soooooo, another activity under our belts, I think I can start to think about Christmas....3 gifts purchased, that is it!
Happy Holidays from the Main's!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December? Already?

Wow, does time fly when you are having so much fun....or is it just old age? I think it might be the latter of the two!! I guess I don't consider myself old, but just busy!!

All my football talk this fall, the season went on ,and on, and on! It wasn't a bad thing, actually a fun thing. After Taylor finished his sophomore season, he was invited to continue on with the varsity team, so all in all we attened 24 football games this season (that is about 3 season's worth of game rolled into 1 season). The varsity team went on to Metrodome to play in the semi-finals for the state championship! We lost, but it was a VERY FUN year!

Next we moved onto dance. Remember the back issue with Emily? That long word? Well, she tried to be on the team, but had to step down due to her back. It was a very difficult decision, bittersweet for all of us. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and not to be able to finish her senior year is just plain TOUGH!!

NOW, we have basketball for Taylor (never sits still). Just started practicing last week. First game is next week!!

ME? Well, I keep plugging along with everything... Have you seen my new Christmas tags on Etsy? My fun new ornaments on my website? My Ebay store has some good deals (and the SALE button my website too).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!