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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everyone Else does it....

I guess I need to too!! Blog, that is!! I have been snooping around the world wide web seeking out all the blogs I can, they are soooo addicting to read. Why? I have no idea! Some just chatter about their days, some chatter about their jobs....and the pictures, I love, love a good picture!! And EVERYONE seems to have 15 years of photography classes under their belts!!Okay, let me bore you with my details, perhaps someone will find it all interesting! I live almost smack dab in the center of Minnesota, north/south-east/west! A large tourist area. It gets pretty crazy around here for the next few months. I have had a small cottage business for YEARS!! A Main Collection! I have done so much sewing and stitching and whatevers all my life. I have always enjoyed creating in some sort of form. I am married to one of the most supportive husbands, he always lets me fly by the seat of my pants!! We have 2 teenagers (yep, that is where the bits and pieces of gray hair come from) and one little super darling dog, Sadie!! She is my baby and most of the time that is what I call her!!

I told you she was cute!!!

Okay, back to me.....I am 42 years old and continue to have fun playing with scissors, paper, fabric, ribbons, buttons, you name it! My addiction for scrapbooking and paperplay took me on a new course, a part-time job outside of the home!! I work at the local scrapbooking store. I love getting my hands on the new stuff that comes in.
Here is one of the things I made with Cosmo Cricket's Lacing Cards and Basic Grey's paper:

This is Emily, we call her "Em", at four stages of her life. I started getting sentimental, she just finished her junior year TODAY. I now have to say she is a SENIOR. That is hard to do!!Summer vacation starts tonight for my kids, they will be running me ragged, 2 baseball teams, football camps, basketball camps, basketball summer league, dance camp, and dance practices....ugh! I hear several teenage boys (now Sophomores) coming through my doors as I type.....Well, I think this is a good start for my blog.....or is it not??

Tootle loo, Amy


Tonya said...

Your blog is great and that Sadie is a cutie. I think she needs to meet my DooLittle. LOL

Amy said...

Hi Tonya, Thanks for commenting! You are my first!! I need to keep more active with this thing and do more promoting!!
I checked out DooLittle and yes, they would make a darling couple!! I will add your blog to mine!!

Great stuff too!