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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spondylolysis, Lumbosacral

Wow about those words?? This is what Emily's condition is/was called. In regular terms, Emily has a small stress crack in the L5 level of her vertebre. She was diagnosised back in April and has been wearing a molded plastic-like brace for the past 7 weeks. Yesterday, we made the trek back to Abbott Northwestern Piper Building to the Twin Cities Spine Center.

It was really strange, my husband's stepdad had an appointmen at the Heart Hospital at Abbott at the same time. We were only a few floors and a few corners away from each other!

Emily was told she could start to wean from the brace and get into PT sessions and life should be back to normal!! She is hoping she can get her stamina back and be on the school dance team again this coming year!

After we did the hospital thing, we landed here:

This could possibly be my all time favorite store!!

Now that I have Emily on the mend, I have to take Sadie to the vet, she has the annoying habit of licking her front paws until they are almost raw. I am not sure what they will do for her, but there seems to be a problem and I guess I have to find out what it is!

Just got back from the vet---allergies!! It is always something! Had to get meds for her too! UGH!

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