Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Hoot" loves Ya Baby?

I just finished this new owl mat and HAD it in my Etsy this morning, but it was already scooped up!
{thanks Kaffy of GetHappy}

Don't worry, there will be more....I am cutting as I type, well, not exactly as I type....but you know what I mean!!

If you NEED one right away, you can always contact me at

And I would be happy to help you out!

Thanks for looking!


Gayle said...

Amy - I've been noticing lots of owls and mushrooms in people's artwork lately, and it's freaking me out cuz that's what my mom decorated with when I was a kid! LOL

Cami said...

You are so good! I adore this pot holder! And everything comes back around to comment on Gayle's comment. Owls are so trendy in every venue I'm interested in.