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Friday, March 21, 2008

Weeks AGO

It was the beginning of March and my friend Kathi from gave me this award! Thanks so much Kaffi dear!....but to be honest with you, I was too embarrassed to put it on my Blog, due the to the ugly nature of my blog....but I think I have to a better 'viewing' level now! Soooooo now I must pass it onto some about Miss Jude, she is quite the banner queen ya know!! Check her out at
I am off to let her know she has an award! She is also new to blogging, so this will help her to make another post!

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Primitive Past-Times said...

Awwww Amy My dear, You are too sweet!!! Thank you so much for my award. It is my first one, and I will cherish it forever!! LOL. THANKS!!