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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Ads

Isn't crazy that you can actually look online to see what the infamous Black Friday ads will be for the past week? I LOVE it, because I am one who can NOT stand to wait! I have always snooped for my Christmas presents and still do, shhhh, don't tell my family! As a child I would try with all my might to UNWRAP the presents, at least one end of the box. My mom would always ask why the ends of the gifts always came untaped! Naturally, I would blame it on my brother Mike!!!

Soooo, I thought I should unveil our Black Friday ads! We will have a special for each Etsy shop! Once you have seen our ad, and make a purchase, please add in the notes section of your order, Black Friday Ad and be sure to include your Paypal email so I can send a revised invoice!! DO NOT make a payment until you hear from me!

Click on the Images to see them bigger
(they are hard to read, but gosh, they are cute!)

Links to shops:

Specials for both shops will run
Nov 28 - Dec 2

Any questions, please contact me


DeeDee said...

Hi AmyLiz!!! I love the new look of your blog and those specials are AWESOME...THANKS!!! HUGS!!!

"The Othermother" said...

Your blog is so big I didn't know where to post on it! have alot going on..and I love this blog!