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Saturday, November 1, 2008


It was one of those days where, family just had to come first.....

Emily was home from college, Taylor was on a mission, and

David missed it all by being at the hunting cabin.

I have always told him, too many things happen when he goes there!

Here's what went down:

Last night, Taylor got home around 11 pm, he seemed excited to see his sister?? (odd, yes)

He ran into her room and they were in DEEP discussion. David and I went to bed, they continued for a good hour.

Curiosity was killing me!

So, this morning I asked Emily--mums the word!


Well, she kept asking me when we could go shopping....and finally spilled the story.

Taylor wanted to ask a special someone to the Christmas dance.

Emily informed him he had to do it in a UNIQUE way!

They came up with all kinds of crazy ideas, and they finally let me in on it all.

We had this fun idea where the gal would pull up in our driveway, and there would candles making arrows pointing to the side of garage where there would be a big box (a refrigerator box) wrapped as a gift with helium balloons as a bow at the top.

(I know, pictures would make this better)

Inside the box, is, of course, Taylor!!

He is going to even dress up, nice shirt and TIE! (his idea even)

He would pop out of the box and ask her to the dance!

With flowers of course......

Sooooooo, we ran around town trying to find this enormous box for 6'3" Taylor to fit in. We would get asked "what do you need it for", I could hardly contain myself!

We got the helium balloons, the kids were going to run back and get the flowers later.

They wrapped the box with gift wrap, had it ALL READY to go....


Well, as I figured, the poor gal couldn't come over tonight!!!

She had spent the day out of town.

Taylor felt bad, but already has it planned for Friday night!

Soooo, we will get pictures then!!


DeeDee said...

Hi AmyLiz!!! Thanks for following my blog....I've set yours to be followed by ME!!! We can keep up with each other I guess....LOL!!! I LOVE that snowman table runner.....oooooh snow people melt my heart!!! *wink* HUGS!!!

Amy said...

Hey Girl...I still have to "put" you on my blog and show you off!
You have THE coolest cards on yours!!

Thanks for following me!!