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Monday, August 20, 2007

Trying to stay Afloat!

Summer is nearing the end....I am not sure if that is good or bad!!! Emily will enter her senior year. We all know how quickly time flies, so......that makes me sad!! I remember dropping her off for kindergarten and her running the length of the playground, crying "mmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm"!! Poor dear!!

I have been working on new things, I am trying to get NEW things on my website. I know my wholesale people are looking for new ideas for their stores!! Any ideas what you are looking for? Email me, I would love to hear!!
Some new tags for Etsy will be listed in the next few days. So keep watching for those!!
The weather has turned to fall here in Minnesota, those 90 degree days with 100% humidity, I hope are gone for long time!! Too hot for me!!
I have joined this new community for Etsy Lovers---check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I just tagged ya for the name game, go read my blog to see what's up with that!
I hear ya on the senior year thing...Jordy left for his first day of it today, I could hardly stand to watch!